D3 beta scatter plot. Missing one test

The D3 tests seem to be extremely picky, to the point where there seems to be only one way to do the exercises. I have managed to complete all but one of the points:

  1. The data-yvalue and its corresponding dot should align with the corresponding point/value on the y-axis.

Although you can see everything align just like the example given and all the properties show up on the browser console and even the time objects seem to match.

The type error is ‘cannot read property length of null’ but I don’t know what is trying to read in order to fix it.

Any help would be really appreciated because these D3 exercises are draining the life out of me…

This is my pen D3 scatter Plot

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Uhm, have you tried to match the end of the y axis with the last value provided? That was one of the last data viz project I made for the beta( I dropped chrome ) and as far as i remember that was one of the issue I faced too ^^

Thank you. Apparently, the tester won’t recognize the last tick if it doesn’t have a value, so I had to create new date objects below and above the range provided in the data. All seems to work now :slight_smile: