D3 - Data Visualization Course not complete

So I have been trying to do the data visualization course after completing the javascript course, and I realised while trying to do the bar chart certification project, that the course doesn’t touch well enough on stuff like the scales, incorporating them and understanding them, the course feels rushed, I was wondering if there will be a update to the course like where there was for the python and javascript courses. The new (beta) Javascript course explains everything perfectly and I loved the course, the d3 course however is not as easy to grasp and there is no real practise to what is being tought.

Yes, all the curriculum is being revamped

What course would you recommend I do while I wait that could help me learn to create projects and become more advanced with Algorithms, handling data/strings? Thanks for replying so soon!

Do not wait for the curriculum to be updated to learn new things, build projects, contribute to open source, learn from the official documentation of frameworks and libraries you are interested in…

I’m kind of stuck with impostor syndrome and tutorial hell, and I have no clue on what to do next, as I wish to land a job but have nothing to show for it

then you need to start to build your own projects and contribute to open source

Like I said, I have no clue on how, I don’t know why I don’t but yeah. But I believe I will figure it out