More Resources for D3?

Aside from FCC, what are some good resources for D3? I’m trying to complete the Data Visualization projects and some of the requirements aren’t covered in the lessons.

I haven’t checked out all these tutorials but they might be useful.

I just started on the data viz projects myself and find that you need to know a lot more than what is covered in the tutorials


Agreed! I feel there are some knowledge gaps in between the lessons and the projects. I kindof kept moving forwards in the lessons and haven’t gone back to finish the Data Visualization projects yet.

Were you able to move forward with the data visualization projects? I started the bar chart, but I’m pretty lost. I feel like the lessons are crawling and the projects are marathons. There should be some ramp up to the skills they require. I get that I might need other resources from time to time, but this feels really disjointed. I’ll look at the link GitHub link above, but any advice is appreciated.