Feeling lost while trying to learn D3.js

Hi Guys, although my last project of Front-End Certification section i.e. 25+ 5 isn’t complete yet. I decided to start learning D3.js and then finish this project on weekend and have been watching “Data visualization with D3.js” on FCC’s YouTube channel. It was fun till the make a face with D3 part. I tried it and coded along with the tutorial and understood everything and now at 4:28:21, but I think I am lost since the section BarChart with D3 started.

A lot of functions were introduced and a lot of new things. I feel like I am lost. I have returned from my 9-5 job and my mind is a bit tired as well but I am really lost like I feel like if I start a similar project for practice, I will have to look back and copy codes at each lines :yum:. I didn’t understand a thing.

Share your experiences of Learning D3 and the study materials or tutorials you used. Any advice based on your experiences will help.

My advice is to work through the curriculum here and then try the projects, searching the forums for help on the projects as necessary. The good news is that once you’ve done the first project, the rest reuse big chunks and the tasks get somewhat easier as you progress. The bad news is that there is a lot of ancillary material in the projects that is not covered in the curriculum (fetching data, async, tooltips the right way, etc.).

The problem is that everyone must have started paying attention to D3 at around version 3, because most of the material on the web is from versions 3, 4, and some from 5; D3 is at 6.7.x now I think and enough has changed that the old resources are not that useful. The only resource that stays up to date is the actual documentation at D3’s github repo. It is complete and comprehensive and not introductory, so it takes some work to use.

My advice is to try the bar graph project. Figure out how to fetch the data, then use the curriculum examples of bar graphs to build a bar graph. Once you get a bar graph, then you can fine tune until you can pass all the project tests. There is plenty of material in the curriculum on how to add axes, draw bars, add labels and titles, and loop over the data. Once you do that, then search the forums or google for how to do the tooltips.

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