Easy-to-understand resources for learning D3.js

Hi Campers ,
I have completed the tutorials on Data visualization here on FCC and now working on the projects but i noticed the tutorial on FCC is very shallow plus some of the requirements in the projects need one to deeply understand the library. I am not interested in just completing the projects but i want to understand D3.js library.

Are there a list of easy-to-understand tutorials for D3.js? I have tried the documentation but it’s pretty much difficult to comprehend for a beginner.

I had exactly the same problem as you. In fact, I moved onto other things until a couple of weeks ago and decided to have another attempt at them.
Fortunately, someone has recently completed the curriculum and documented his progress throughout. Search for Florin Pop on YouTube to find the videos.
I started to watch the walk-through and gradually tried to attempt the next part before watching, as I become more familiar with D3.js
It may seem like cheating, but by the third challenge I was able to make strong headway before checking his solution and I was then able to complete the last couple alone before comparing answers.
What he does incredibly well is explain how to break the problem down into manageable sub-problems. One flaw of mine seems to be in jumping in too deep, too quickly.
I felt this worked for me, though everyone learns slightly differently.
Good luck!

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Thanks i will check it out.