D3 project 1 - united states gdp

This might be a silly question, but not sure where to start with this data visualisation project - which parts should I use HTML, CSS and Java for? There are 3 windows in the pen to use, but not sure which to use for each stage? I have tried looking back on the data vis lessons on here, but they don’t specify where to use html, css and java as far as I can see. any help much appreciated so I can get off the ground with this one. Thank you!


D3 is a JavaScript library, so you need to import that in codepen in order to use it. You can do this project without HTML at all, to be honest. But CSS, yea of course we need it for styling.

Thank you! I just saw it - I can import d3 under the cog/settings. Apart from d3 is there anything else I need to import? Thanks again

Nothing else until Chloropeth Map: topojson

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