How to proceed on first Data Visualization project

I just finished the Data Visualization course and am now trying the first project, “Visualize Data with a Bar Chart” where we have to plot the US GDP.

To get started I’ve been trying to just get some previous exercises from the course to show up on CodePen, but when I copy/paste them in, nothing happens. I’ve divided up the html/css/js sections, but still nothing appears (as opposed to the exercises where we ca see the SVG output).

What am I missing here?

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Please post a link of your CodePen!

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Here is the link:

I’ve just basically copy/pasted the code from the final exercise, to see what it would look like before changing things around, but nothing is showing up.

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On js tab you must import d3 library! Go to “Open JS Settings” then in search bar " Add External Scripts/Pens" add d3 library!


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