D3 scatter plot

Hey Campers,
Here is the d3 scatter plot graph that I developed for the data visualization project.
Appreciate any feedback.

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There a few things I would look into.

  • What does the y-axis actually represent? Is this when the biker was accused?
  • Data points should not overlap to the point they are almost impossible to see at first glance. I would look at either look at reducing the size of the data points or increasing the size of the chart. The data means everything and if people can’t see it, it will give the wrong picture.
  • There are some data points that are missing information.
  • For the legend, I would have went with accused instead of alleged and regarding not alleged, does this mean they were doping but were not caught? I would revisit the legend and use other words to describe the data.
  • The hover effect that I believe are on the different data points need to be revisited as someone of them are hovering too high.
  • I believe it is common practice to put a vertical line through the graph to represent the correlation between the data points but there seems to be no correlation therefore you don’t really need a line here.

I looked at this graph a few times trying to make sense of it and I understand that in the early years (1994-1997) and the mid-years (2003-2006), there were influx of incidents regarding drug use. I imagine if we look at the media at the times of these incidences, we can find out why it was popular at this point but during the other times it either was overlooked or nearly nonexistent.

The issue I found is that the data is too scattered. I would have chosen a different subject or found more information on other accused to fill in the gaps and get a fuller graph.

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@mb1, thanks for carefully inspecting the scatter plot. I will consider your comments. I just coded that in that way to pass the tests.

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I liked the animation.


THis is the original challenge for the scatter plot but the axes were updated for the assignment b/c the way I coded it initally, which I thought was easy to interpret, was determined not to be a true scatter plot.


I created the original data object after researching all of the fastest Alp d’huez times in the TDF and normalizing data (time) for years in which the route distance varied slightly.

The time in minutes vs. year is not very informative (as per teh current challenge) because that doesn’t really reveal anything intrinsic about the data (one would assume that doping = faster speed) which you can see with the original plot.

with the y axis = years data, you can see that more recent years have less doping allegations.

Also FWIW, “allegations” is the term commonly used in the press regarding cycling, and in many cases there is no hard proof, just word of mouth, or associative data.

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@AdventureBear, thanks for your informative feedback. I will consider your comments when I update the plot.

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This is really well done. Concise and straight to the point (no pun intended).

I understood the legend, the data points were visually appealing and the background was suitable for the topic being graphed. A+

Thanks! I enjoyed doing it

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