[BETA][Feedback] The D3 scatterplot axes and data presentation doesn't make sense

The Time / Year data presentation does not make any sense, it presents the data, yes, but it doesn’t have a point.

First, presenting by years. Years do not have any significance here, if we saw a trend of more doping year after year, it could but in this case there is none.

Time in minutes, why not, but combined with the years it makes for a difficult to read chart.

I opted for ranking / seconds behind the fastest time (can be seen here ). On this one we can see who’s the first ‘Clean’ athlete, how far behind the fastest time he is, compare times between athletes and easily see their placement. It makes more sense and presents the data in a readable way.

Because of that I can’t pass the tests, any plans to allow people to interpret the data the way they want ? I wouldn’t present this chart to any future employer the way FCC suggests we code it, it shows you can use d3 but you have no idea how to actually present it.

There are also a couple exact times, within the same year, so several points are overlapping, and only the last drawn is visible. It is still a good project, and I thank whoever constructed it along with the tests. Its just something to point out so people don’t freak when they see 29 dots instead of 35. The point of the exercise was still made appropriately.