D3 Scatterplot fails tests #6 and #8

I have managed to pass all tests except #6 and #8. Been scratching my head for the past few days now. Hope someone can enlighten me. Here are the errors:

#6: The minutes data-yvalue of a dot is below the range of the actual
minutes data : expected NaN to be at least 36

#8: y values don’t line up with y locations : expected false to be true

My codepen link: https://codepen.io/FQTeo/pen/MWBBjQz

The error for content test 6 mentions requiring date objects for the y values. You appear to be using a linear scale instead of a time scale for the y-axis and it looks like you are using integers for seconds instead of date objects. I would start by trying to use a time scale and date objects.

Got it, works now! Thank you!

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