Data Analysis "No such file or directory"?


Someone can help me?
I did everything as the video said, but if i write !head data/sales_data.csv
it came to me: head: cannot open ‘data/sales_data.csv’ for reading: No such file or directory.

As I see, everything is right, but it’s not working, any idea of it?

From the terminal, type the following:

ls full-path-you-put-in-the-call-to-pd.read_csv

Show us a screen shot of what you get. Did it show the file name you entered?

Also, show us a screen shot after you type the following into the terminal while in the FCC Panda folder:


I tried but it does not work, could you explain how? I’m a newbie sorry.

What did not work?

What did you try?

You did not follow the instructions of my previous reply regarding the terminal. I need to see the results of the terminal commands I asked for.

Képernyőkép 2023-01-24 211940

“Regist to Colab Pro”… that’s why I cannot open, this is my is my problem…

I did not realize you were using Colab. I am not sure how to reference the file via Colab.

Is it possible to share a link to the project?

unfortunately no, but could you recommend me other platforms or tool please?

What about using Google Colab, then you can share.

found it,

In the Notebook you posted, I do not see a file located at:

/content/drive/MyDrive/Colab Notebooks/FCC Panda/data/sales_data.csv

The only folders/files I see in the content folder are shown below.


In all honesty, I have never use Notebook, so I am not exactly sure how best to instruct you further at this point. Hopefully someone with more experience in using it will reply to this topic.

hey, I am about to start this course but I noticed that the which is used in this course is shutted down 2 years ago and we should use google colab instead. so is this course still usefull?