File is not working correctly in Colaboratory


I have just started with the ‘Data Analysis with Python’ course and I ran into a problem.

If I open the Lecture_1.ipynb on this location in Colaboratory and run the second line of code (!head data/sales_data.csv) it says it can’t found no such directory.

If I open the sidebar I probably see the files of another directory. So something is not working correctly.

Is there a solution for this?



You have to download the file and drag-and-drop it into the sidebar. This makes it temporarly available.
Google Collab does run on Google servers and only has the data from there - which is what you see in the sidebar.

So either you have to manually load it in there every time OR give it access to your google-drive and use that filepath to load data.

Hi Jagaya,

Thank you very much!

I thought that if you load the project from Github, that this would also be available. But I guess this isn’t the case.

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