Data Analysis with Python Exercise 1 Error


I’m just starting the Data Analysis with Python course and am trying to work on Exercise 1. I uploaded the csv to the colab session but there is an error when I run the following code:
sales = pd.read_csv(

Not sure why it’s giving me that error message.
Please help

Did you previously imported pandas?
import pandas as pd

Yea I imported pandas beforehand

Sorry, but in your attached image, you have not imported pandas.
Anyway, just be careful where you defined parse_dates.
Sincerely I don’t have your dataset, so is hard to know.
I made an example, hope this helps:

I didn’t get any errors in this example.

Now, lets see what is the problem in your statement (even with pandas imported):


I got the same error, even with a different dataset!
So, since you are beginning I will not give more details, by the moment, try to be careful on how you assign variables. Make one “operation” at a time. Remember cells are your friend, you can use one cell per statement at the beginning, you are learning. By the moment get step by step.
Best Wishes.

I am also beginning and got the same error. What I did to fix this error was to change the dataset path to the one I get when I ask on github to download the csv file.

I am getting other erros tho. So if anyone can explain to me:
After I run the sales.shape, I requested for and then sales.describe.

Both come wih the same return which are different from what is shown on the video class.

I appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

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