Data Analysis with python-Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator


Im doing the Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator and it does not work.
I had a frend help me, and he tested the test case output and got an error there.
He thinks there might be something wrong with the test itself.

Is this correct, or are we missing something?

The tests will be evaluating your output based on your return statement. print is just for you to look at/troubleshoot.

Based on the stack trace you provided, it seems like that test is being given dictionaries as input when it is expecting something else. The error is telling you that you can’t subtract between two dictionaries. Did you mean to pass elements of those dictionaries rather than the dictionaries themselves?


Could be this! On a quick inspection out code seems to be making a dictionary of lists correctly.

When we look at the output however, there are some elements that begin <built-in method... which does not match the expected output, at all. That will need to be corrected, as well as the return statement.

@carmiss Can you link to your replit?

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