## Data Structures: Perform a Difference on Two Sets of Data

Hello campers ,there is a bug here in almost tree challenges this one ,the one before
and the one after it
you can pass the challenge without typing the requested code
is it just me or all of us ?
please check them out .

To date I think for all of us, but there’s a closed issue at the freeCodeCamp’s GitHub repo (issue 17856) and it’s fixed in beta as it says there (@RandellDawson ).

The challenges are:

  • /coding-interview-prep/data-structures/perform-an-intersection-on-two-sets-of-data
  • /coding-interview-prep/data-structures/perform-a-difference-on-two-sets-of-data
  • /coding-interview-prep/data-structures/perform-a-subset-check-on-two-sets-of-data

(No links since I can’t post them yet)