Data Visualization - beta or official?


I have just finished the front-end certificate and I am about to go on tackling the data-vis section, but I am wondering wether it would be better to start it on the new freecodecamp beta since I hear it will soon replace the current version of the curriculum.

Can someone explain pros and cons of going beta? What would you do if you were in my place?

P.S. Is there a way to obtain an official picture of my front-end certificate with my actual name on it? Upon completing the ‘get your certificate’ challenge I only got to see a template picture for some generic certificate with no name on it…

I would do whichever projects interest me the most. The beta’s data visualization curriculum is only for data visualization. The current curriculum is for data visualization and front end libraries, it’s far longer.

See what do you want to learn, look for the projects each version offers and pick whichever you like the most. You won’t get certificates for the beta version yet, though.

That’s a good suggestion thank you… And what about progress would that be saved on the beta version?

It’s saved on your codepen or github. You just give them the link to it.