Data Visualization Projects, Choropleth Map - feedback

I’ve completed the 4th Data Visualization Project- Visualize Data with a Choropleth Map, it took me more time to complete than other projects, needed to understand newer things repeatedly. It’s my 4th D3js project and First Choropleth map ever. I’m glad thinking that I made it, I love it. Still I think, I need to rebuild (repeat) the project to refresh my understanding from my pure memory. Very grateful to FCC for this amazing learning opportunity.
Here is my project link :
Data Visualization Projects - Visualize Data with a Choropleth Map

I would appreciate your feedback on the project.

Thank you.

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It was so long ago when I made the project. I didn’t actually look at your code, cause I’ve forgotten all that things. But I remember that is was hard stuff…


  1. test runs
  2. it’s looking good and everything is working fine

Good job!

Things you may think about:

  1. the label is always on right of the cursor. if you reach the right side of the map, you can’t read the label any more (only in the upper part of the map)
  2. you may show the borders of states
  3. you may try to make the map responsive so it’s getting smaller when making the browser smaller
  4. you may add a text hint about the data-source ( USDA Economic Research Service)
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@s-projects18, thank you for your valuable feedback I really appreciate.

I’ll work on it as you suggested.