Data Visualization Projects - Visualize Data with a Heat Map

Ive been struggling with this chalenge for quite a while(some hours). Here is my codepen link:` The HTML e CSS windows looks fine. The problem is with JS. I don`t have Any Idea of how can I solve the problems/errors reported by codepen.

Please Tell us what’s happening in your own words.

Learning to describe problems is hard, but it is an important part of learning how to code.

Also, the more you say, the more we can help!

Here is the URL he meant to share

He added an extra char ` at the end of URL and it throws a 404… as you would expect.

5. My heat map should have <rect> elements with a class="cell" that represent the data.

This is your current issue @williampeterson755 .

When you fix that the next one will be

 There should be at least 4 different fill colors used for the cells.

By the looks of it the code is copied from somewhere else.
I suggest you take a step back and learn JS syntax better also the browser API.

You need to know them very well before you are moving to use D3.

Copy/Paste is not helping in the long run if you don’t make the effort to try it on your own, you will complete the challenges and learn close to nothing.

The challenges on this platform are meant to challenge you to learn not to get them to completion by any means.

If you don’t learn the craft, at the end you will find out that all the time is wasted. The certificates from FCC weigh nothing at the end. To start a professional career you need knowledge to pass an interview and maybe a portfolio, if this is the scope.

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Thank you for the message. Well, I’m no longer a JS fan, and work with d3 was a bit challenge for me. The code isn´t entirely copied. But you are right, I really need to dedicate more time with JS.

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