Database creation for ecommerce feedback

Hi everyone.

In the picture below my db schema for a e-commerce website I’d like to create with RoR just for practicing. it probably won’t be deployed or maybe it will be. The product consist in a handmade bag done with 2 different size a few colors so something simple with no reviews etc. I’m not entirely sure about the foreign keys here which in the “orders” table are the “user_id” (as a user can have many orders) and the “id_products” as an order can have many products. Here I’m not sure if I’m getting the concept of the relational db right ? This will be my first project made completely by myself so I’m not sure how to proceed, but I’d like to get the schema right before passing on the next step. Therefore any tips also if more tables should be added like a “payment” one? or include the payment as a column in the order table instead? Will be more than welcomed. Thanks.

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