Database information format lookup with JavaScript

I’m not at that level where I wish to be as of yet, but something crossed my mind about a file I created. An example below:


The above file format is written based on a file I named at current, based on FCC, if your wondering the website’s name. :wink:

I even thought to myself the type of “date” format to look up, such as how I write it nowadays, for example 20170228.

I’m guessing within a database is there a way to do a search for such a file within Javascript?

I’m not asking for the answer, just discussion as I’m moving forward in this practice, which I’m sure will come up sometime (like during the time of simply googling it, or going through MDN, and even as I get back to further reading with YDKJS). And of course as I’m going through smaller chunks of projects within UDEMY’s The Web Developer Bootcamp (currently towards end of front end development (todoListPart2Project) and looking forward to the working w/ JavaScript and the DOM).

Happy coding.