Day of the week

Finished the Rosetta Code Day of the Week challenge. Some reason my array I’m returning matches the expected, but still fails. What did I get wrong?

function findChristmasSunday(start, end) {
let output  = [];
for (let i=start; i<=end; i++){
  if(new Date('12-25-'+i).getDay()==0){
return output
findChristmasSunday(2008, 2121)

What do the failing tests say?

Not sure why but the function name is not correct for some of the tests, it should be findXmasSunday. I guess you found a bug in the test.

Edit: I made an issue for it.

Yeah, the tests had it different, so I changed the function name to match it. After seeing what you said, I set it back to Xmas instead of Christmas and it passed lol.
Thank you