Delete this clutterrr

this needs to be updated

it says

Most HTML elements have an opening tag and a closing tag.

Opening tags look like this:

Closing tags look like this:


none of us know what ‘opening tag closting tag’ is

it should say

'this is a ‘opening tag’
< >

'thi is a ‘closing tag’

</ >

99.9% of ppl are gonna be confujsed by the kind of ‘intro content’ this site is presenting, it’s so confusing

like how exactly does it being call ‘HTML element’ help any of us??

thought this stuff was ‘project based’ or ‘action based’

like it seems like just academics and theory, like we need to know any of that, NONE of it is explained, nothign is explained or helpful

shouldnt they be making it in a way that is like the best ‘intro’ thing for coding that is out there? maybe codeacademy is w/e is out there

cos this is not good im telling u all that right now

’only difference between opening and closing tags is the forward slash after the opening bracket of a closing tag.'

is that even accurate? if that’s the ONLY differfence then it doenst need to be say

again the imporatnt part is does 99.9% of new ppl need to actualy know that, we dont
we would just assume that or we just dont care so no need to say tirivial or not worthwhile info

’Each challenge has tests you can ru’

what ‘challenge’ what you talking about? why does it need to be call a challenge?

i thought we were just learning, i mean where in the wrold did ‘challenge’ come from??

like what does that have to do with me learning what actualaly importnat
like is that imp;ortant info or somethin

or is that just confusing me with noise and pointless info? ‘challenge’ ??
like what relevance does it have to my actual learning??? how does the term ‘challenge’ actually help me, im so confuse

’ To pass the test on this challenge, change your h1 element’s text to say “Hello World”.'

  • you see this like am i learning

  • or do they just want me to ‘pass some test’

  • i thought i was here to learn, not pass some ‘test’??

  • like whne did i agree to some random ‘test’???

i thought i was dong that to learn, but it seems like the site is trying to take us away from learning, and just wants to test, are we expeirement or soemthing?

h1 element’s text to say “Hello World”.

what does that even mean??>

  1. is that telling me to change ‘h1’
  2. or to edit ‘h1’
  3. or is that telling to me 'edit what is inbetweeen h1, and /h1 ???

cos if it’s #3, or something else, it NEVER says that

like it wants us to ‘edit’ right, what tho?
ill just assume it’s the WORDS BETWEEN the < > SYMBOLS

to move on

## Basic HTML and HTML5:

this is already confusing

where did html5 come from? thought we doing w/e this ‘thml’ thing was

but out of nowhere comes this new term call ‘html 5’ like its so random,

no explanations nothing

’cat photo web app piece-by-piece.'

none of us know what this means

the’res no images no gifs no videos no nothing

like dont include strange words if they arent explained or shown in things we can actually SEE

’ level two heading’

what??? there’s no kids nobody in this world that knows what that mean,

who in the world wrote this stufff???

like you need a normal person to revise EVERYTHING

like a noraml person who commucnaite in normal ways cos there’s no normal ppl that says ’ level two heading’

gogle is gonna scan all the books in teh world, what’s the % of times you’ll see ’ level two heading’ out of all books?

what about all children’s books?

all this needs a total complete revision

’tells the browser’

nobody knows what a ‘browser’ is
again no context, no intro, no pictures, nothing
no examples like you’re talking about chrome right?

or as 99.9% of ppl would say, that blue image that windows comes with? that looks liek a E?

again just dont include all this useless info that doesnt help us write w/e code we’re suppose to write

if it cant be shown
if there’s gifs or images
if tehre’s no normal language that everyone else use

and if it doesnt even help us learn the ‘code’

like how in the world does this part ’ tells the browser about the str’ even tell how to wrtie w/e code we’re supppse to do?

so confused

like after i read it
and before i read it

my howto knoweldge of how to write th code is EXACTLY the same

so i dont see how that helps any of us learn how to write codee?

like anyone who’s leanring how to code (on web in this case), that’s the gaol

so why allllllllll this stuff that is NOT adding value to that specific goal?

like it was measured:
befoer & after, like i still dont know what to write after and before i read that
dont include unhelpful confusing things

that doesnt directly lead to the goal of actually learning what to write in the code, or w/e we’ll suppose to write

h3 , h4 , h5 and h6'

is this even used in normal coding tha most ppl do?
dont they have editors that make things easier?

if so then all this info need sto be erased

if 90% of devs do use ‘h1 h2 etc’ ok fine
but this page is using ‘elements’ soooo many times and NOBODY in this world knows what in the world that ‘element’ loooks like

like does it look like an apple or an orange??
if you cant show it, just dont ujse the word

use the word of what you’re actually trying to say

are you tryign to say ‘h2’, if so then say ‘h2’

at least then we know what it looks liek
and what yo’ure aactually talking about

** h2 tag that says “CatPhotoApp”**

what does that mean?

let’s look at some actually intro content instead and see if that’s any better:

ok none of this is helpful or useful and none of htis is about DOING

so let’s just go back to the DOING part (even tho the DOING part has SOOOO MUCH uselesss, confusing and pointless and meaningless words that doesnt tell any of us how to codee)

so we’ll just gonna assume it’s actually trying to tell us to write specifidally,

< h2>CatPhotoApp< /h2>

if so it shouldve just either

  • OR say write “< h2> then CatPhotoApp then < /h2> with no spaces” (that’s call english)
  • but it doesnt do either of that

so that menas this site is completely failing at the simp;le (or maybe hard job) or being able to communaieet the most basic of things
of what we’re actually suppose ot do and what we’re actually learning in terms of HOW TO code

like one of MANY things we dont know if what does ‘CatPhotoApp’ mean?
like if it means nothing, then why are we even writing that?
and if it does mean somethng, we have no idea what

so this site has sitll left us comp;etley confused by all this , and is really just not doing a good job at teaching how to DO, or how to code, or w/e we’re learning?

are we even learning anything, i relaly dont know if anything is being learnt cos it’s really doenst do a good job

it’s suppeo to do All of the above, or some other ways that is better, but it doesnt do any of the things i’ve said and listed out

anotehr lesser of a problem is that we have ZERO idea where we are in the entire outline/map of the lessons of w/e

like right now none of us know if this is part 3 oir part 4, like how far along are we,

are we almost done? cos im bore, i dont feel like i learned anything, cos all they me was lots of words/terms and words
like i thoguht we were learning to code? not learning english literture here?

## Basic HTML and HTML5: Inform with the Paragraph Element

like that’s all it says
but where’ teh outline, are we usppose ot have another tab chrome open?

but this is a lesser problem so let’s move along

the ‘lab glass’ icon on the bottom there, nobdy knows what that means

it seems like there’s no good UI designer on this freecode site
cos no good UI designer would’ve decided to use some random ‘lab glass’ that has no meaning,

and doesnt seem to serve any understandable purpose that 99.9% of ppl would understand

so juust dont include nonsene like that ‘lab glass’ icon at the bottom left

like i tried clicking on those icons, it did nothing, am very confused all the more now

everyone uses a computer or laptop, ALL ICONS on that computer is clickable
this is not clickable, everyone is now confused by thsee pointless icons that serves no real purpsoe

p elements are the preferred element for paragraph text on websites.

that makes abosutely no sense at all

’'p is short for “paragraph”.

eh? same probelms over and over agian, how does that teach ANYONE HOW TO CODE…

i mean are they trying to say,

‘if you want to makae a paragraph, then you can start the CODDE with p ?’

cos that’s not what they said

and if that’s what they’re tyring to say, then i dunno what they tyring to say

again and again the useless and meaningless word of 'element ’ over and over again

“Hello Paragraph”

that makes no sense, nobody write ‘hello paragraph’ in regualr enlgish

you cant say hi to a paragraph it makes no sense to 99.9% of ppl in the world

tehr’s needs to be normal ppl to write and revise all this

anyway tried ‘p “Hello Paragraph”’ did not work

if you need < p>

then nobody knows why it says ‘p’ instead of < p>

like is this a textbook of boring stuff or is this HOW TO CODE BY DOING ???

like this feels and seems and looks like a bibile here

like i really didnt know this was gonan be religion or theoryr


4 paragraphs… of more words…

ther’s an editor or like most ppl would say,
the place in the middle that you put the code in

but there’s these essays again and again on the left side…

like is this writing class??? or HOW TO CODE… very confsued
all these essays on the left sdie, it makes no sense…

we dont even know what’s on the right side btw, havent even noticed it yet

are we almost done so we can actually do something fun?

like a robot tha programs something for us automatically?

we also STILL dont know what in the world we’re makikng, so why should any of us be motivated? when we have funner things to do like beaches or legos or dresses or w/e ?

maybe the next page would be better for another time, cos it’s hell so far those pages

full revision needed

Hello there,

I am sorry you feel this way, but freeCodeCamp was, and still is, developed by teachers and professional developers. To begin, if you feel this against the curriculum, there is no need for you to do it…it is free, afterall.

Now, freeCodeCamp has an excellent reputation, and has helped millions of people. Thousands of freeCodeCamp graduates have attained software related careers, due to the course, and professional developers use the course to learn frameworks and tools they need for varying positions. Read a few of the #motivation or #career posts that talk about the pivotal role freeCodeCamp played in their careers.

Now, about freeCodeCamp’s curriculum:

  • It is kept up-to-date. The content is always being worked on, and many talented people are spending their valuable time improving and extending the content.
  • freeCodeCamp has never claimed to be all you need in terms of learning. The phrase we encourage is Read-Search-Ask. Read the short lessons that have been provided. Search the internet (or a book) for extended information on the topics covered. Ask what you do not understand.
  • ASK on this forum. It is why it is here. If a lesson’s phrasing confuses you, or a concept eludes you, ask. There are thousands who can, and want to, answer.
  • Be friendly. We are all humans on the other end of the keyboard. Yes, the odd bot makes its way through, but the mods do an excellent job of reducing the spam caused.
  • Be respectful. We all start from the bottom, and work our way up. freeCodeCamp was founded with the intent to teach.

So, I recommend you take a breather. Writing 10 replies to your own thread is not indicative of someone wanting to learn, but someone wanting to vent frustrations. If you want to use the freeCodeCamp curriculum, take it as slow as needed; re-read what you need; search the interweb for someone else’s phrasing; ask the forum for helpful knowledge.



Because if you cannot use terminology that is used in the field, how could you express what problems you are having with an app or understand your peers? Perhaps ‘thingy’ would be better for you. ‘What thingy makes text thick?’.

It seems to me you are not taking the time to understand things independently. Perhaps you should pay a few bucks on Udemy or something, so you can complain about paying money to learn what an HTML element is.

HTML5 is the current HTML standard. Wait until you get to CSS3 and the various versions of JavaScript.

Coding requires a lot of testing. You test your code to find out whether or not it works.
You learn a new concept, code it, test it.

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