Demo account for Maker Faire?

Hello, I would like to promote freeCodeCamp at the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire. Is there a demo account that I can use so that visitors to my exhibit don’t have to create an account just to try it out? Thanks.

You do not need an account to try out Free Code Camp. You just start using it. The only advantage to an account, is that it will keep your completed challenges stored in your profile. As long as you do not clear out the browser’s cache, the code fpr previously completed challenges and attempts at challenges will display if you go back to them.

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I must be missing something, because when I go to the site, I get the splash screen that prompts:

Are you new to freeCodeCamp? Create a New Account

Are you a returning camper? Sign in with Email.

It appears to require an account to proceed.

Now I see. You just click on Map and you can start that way. Thanks!

You found the Map before I could reply. :slight_smile: