Deploying without SSL/HTTPS?

Long story short, I need to deploy a web app which does things like send email, provide social media (FB/Google) login, etc… For a DEMO to a company.

It needs to be on a LIVE server, not just source code on GitHub.

The question is, how can I do this without using an SSL cert? There’s no way I’m going to spend upwards of $100 just to put a demo up online for a day. Im not sure if the services will let me even do it without HTTPS but even if they did, I wouldn’t want to be sending my API keys over HTTP without the S.

Is there any way to Actually use HTTPS encryption without having an SSL cert? Even though it may throw up red flags in the browser, I wouldnt care because the person viewing the demo would know this. Thanks!

I just heard of this yesterday, and don’t know the ins-and-outs of it, but check out:

Free certs :slight_smile:

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Awesome resource, thanks. Doesn’t seem doable in a day though (I’ll have to contact my hosting company and I just use subdomains with them too), plus I think I’ll need a dedicated domain either way… Hmm… I may have to contact the guy who assigned this project to me with this concern.


I hope this helps?

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If you haven’t already you can get one year of free cloud server on aws

Then here you can find tutorials how to set up the server, reverse proxy, install SSL etc (just search for keywords).

Here is my test page It is hosted on aws, domain registrar is also aws, it’s running Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04 with SSL from
(don’t look at the content of the page, it is just to fill the space :slight_smile: )

It is a bit tricky to set it all up at first, but definitely doable in a day.

Thanks guys, got it worked out!!!

Though I still feel like my full-stack app looks like crap with such little time…

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