Design Career Doubts

Hello guys!

For the last 6 years I’ve been working as a web designer. I like my job but sometimes I get not very pleasant feedback from my colleagues or just random people. That’s why now I’m thinking of abandoning my career and trying something else.
Things get worse when I realize that I’ve been developing one and the same project for more than a year. I think I’m just burning out. Here is that project . I like it, but got a bit tired of those colors and identical page structures.

Can you advice me what to do with my career? Because I got lost.

Yes of course.
At your job you get paid two way’s
One is experiance
The other is money
If one of the two stops then it’s time for a career switch.

I saved enough money to live on for 2-3 months. So that’s not a problem.
As for experience… It’s actually the subject of my doubts.
Anyways, thank you for your response.

I suggest that you try a different company. It may not be the work but the management and people that you are working with. If you are getting discouraging feedback and not a variaty of projects, with a diversity of kinds of work, it might be that your work environment is not really good for you. Another company might seem very supportive and feel be very rewarding in comparison. I suggest you look into what companies in your area are considered the local “best place to work”.

I hope you find greater fulfillment in your work. Best of luck!

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Thank you very much!
You are right. Maybe I shouldn’t rush into radical decisions.

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I don’t know, changing companies is pretty radical too! :smiley:

Maybe just radical enough.

If choosing between abandoning design and changing a company - the last one is much less radical :sweat_smile:

I don’r know where you are from but, where I am from. Someone that can design and do coding work onto sites is higly ask for and has a job in no time.

Yeah, I know. But my coding skills are poor.

Where are you from, btw?

The men say Venus
People say ZOOOM, woodenshoe, tulips and weed country.
But i just say my couch. :3

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Design is supposed to be “as little design as possible”, minimal, but at the same time have thorough attention to detail? You probably intuitively know that you need to move on, but don’t think that it’s a fault of your own. It takes many people to make a success, usually, or some kind of a special approach that cuts through the industry like butter.

I suspect that a good designer puts themself out of a job, since good design is timeless. But that’s perfection, and there seems to be an endless amount of work out there but some threshold to overcome in order to get it.

Learning design first was probably a good first step. My advice would be to continue learning technology from front end to the back end, data analysis & visualisation. That would pretty much encompass all the tech to learn but there’s always a community element so don’t forget to stay in touch with your humanity, culture and that of those around you.

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Hey @AshleyOw any update? How ya doin’?

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Hi! Everything went even better than I expected. I shared my doubts about my career in the office. They wanted me to stay, so offered to work at a brand new project. It’s completely different from the previous one, so I have more opportunities to create new designs :smile: