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Hola amigos! Os cuento, ya finalicé éste proyecto sólo que quisiera lograr que mi menu sea desplegable pero no lo consigo. Os dejo el link aquí para el crack que pueda ayudarme! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Some things to revisit @pabloeoliveros.

  • The test script is JavaScript. It does not go into the head element. It will not run.
    • If you want to see the tests to run them you can take it out of the ‘stuff for head’ box and, staying in the setting select “JS” and paste it into one of the bottom boxes there.
    • Or just add the following as the first line in the HTML section, <script src=""></script>

As far as creating a dropdown goes, have you tried searching for something like “html dropdown” and reading up on how to do it?

You could also search for something like “html form elements” to see a list of the elements that make up a form.

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Hi Roma! Well, thx a lot by the eye on the bad putted link, im going to change it now.

About the dropdown stuff, yes, i looked down and i tried to make one but for any alien reason it doesn´t work, that´s why im posting this :woman_shrugging:

Lemme´check out a little bit more.

Because you don’t have the correct tags for a dropdown. Using the first search term I posted (“html dropdown”) gives you this link which shows the elements that make up a dropdown.
Read the “definition and usage”.

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Let me check out! :call_me_hand: