Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables from Objects!

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Hello, please help I am stuck here ! Can’t complete the ‘destructuring with reassignment was used’ clause.

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  today: 77.5,
  tomorrow: 79

function getTempOfTmrw(avgTemperatures) {
  "use strict";
  // change code below this line
  const {tomorrow  : tempOfTomorrow}=AVG_TEMPERATURES; // change this line
  // change code above this line
  return tempOfTomorrow;

console.log(getTempOfTmrw(AVG_TEMPERATURES)); // should be 79

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The function takes a parameter. You haven’t used that parameter, you’ve used the object that’s there to test the function: you’ve hardvoded some values into the finction

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This one comes up often. A suggestion, if I may, and this goes for all sorts of things: use the search feature in the forums!

See that handy magnifying lens in the header of this page? Search for “Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables” and a list of search results will appear. One of which is this post, in which I discuss this exact situation.

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Thank you very much
Got it now

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