Determined to learn programming at 44 - advice required

I am 44, have two finance degrees and have been in the investment/hedge fund industry for 25 years
Ive decided after all these years that i want to build my own trading system which helps me select stocks, warn me away from danger and give me the information i need in a very visual way. At the same time i would like to use machine learning/AI inorder to possibly find better analysis that what i currently do.

I think the way forward is through Python/R?. I would need to learn Maths again before i can attempt the machine learning/AI modules.

Id be incredibly appreciative if someone could give me detailed suggestions of what MATHS i might need, and what Python/R course i should take and any more information that might be helpful.

At the moment i am going through a maths course at the KHAN academy to learn from simple concepts from even high school such as Trigonometry, matrices, vectors, and even basic algebra. I want to review it again and then my plan was to move on to Python…but in truth i have no clue what i am taking on.

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I am taking a machine learning course now, python is probably your way to go since their open source libraries are expanding quite fast I believe.

You don’t really need loads of math for these modules since they are made in a way that skips the math.
What you need is to understand the results, here statistics and probability is more important.
Also machine learning techniques to check how well the machine is performing, look into a basic machine learning course which teach you these algorithms.
The math would come in if you are trying to understand the algorithm behind the machine learning method and implement it yourself.

I cannot give you a good advice on a python course, if you have experience from any programming at all, you could start solving problems and using google to search for what you would need.
Otherwise there might be some threads in the python part of this forum which recommend good courses

Good luck! :slight_smile:

hi glafs thanks for the very useful info and encouragement. Ok i will do some probability and inferential and descriptive statistics and take python directly first before moving to machine learning.
I have ZERO NO NONE NADA knowledge of programming. Absolutely nothing.

I’ve learnt some Python at university, mainly for algorithms and data analysis (touching on some basic machine learning). It’s a great language to learn when you start learning programming.

At uni, we used this book for algorithms, I think it’s quite good, available online for free and includes exercises.
Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python (online book)

For the data analysis/ML part, we used Jupyter Notebook as a tool:
Jupyter Notebook

This is a list of good Python books:


Andrew Ng’s machine learning course on Coursera has been one of my favorite online courses I’ve ever taken. Its very interactive and well paced, loaded with programming exercises that help you understand and apply concepts. I’d say it’s a must take if you’re a beginner interested in machine learning. Linear Algebra is something you definitely need to know if you’re getting into statistical learning, and the course does a good job introducing you to it as well.

Python is a good way to start, it’s a very simple language. I am a beginner too and I really liked to programing with Python. Codecademy and maybe udacity has the course. Codecademy is for free.

First of all, Wow! That is some serious ambition.

Second, if you are sure, you can find a comprehensive collection of resources here:

Forget age think about your future goals!

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The best part of learning now a days start from the basic then be a good command over the python programming which have future according to the external resources.

You can learn from here:

I am 46 and getting back in to coding - HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Bootstrap & JQuery to start. been 20+ tears since I was officially a “programmer” but feel the time is ripe for a career change (Well not moving out of IT of course)

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Hey there! I’m 40, quit my job in september and am picking up front end development which wasn’t a real thing back when I was 18.

I finished my first interview and hope to be hired next week. so it’s never too late for a career change or shift! :slight_smile:

Since you’re mathematically driven I suggest app development where you can deep dive in the theory.

However if you’re more visually inclined like myself, reactjs, css are worth learning for frontend. Jquery if your job needs it like mine (yes I needed to pick it up in a day which I did).

Javascript is all the rage regardless of the route so definitely learn that syntax.

Python is an excellent start for newbie programmers. Go on hackerrank finish the 30 days of code challenge (reminds me I have to as well) and you’ll find some nifty one line solutions to problems that take coders in C half a page or more!

My ex boyfriend said the “lazier” you are the better a coder you’ll become! I tend to agree.

Efficiency and ease of read.

Most of all a very fun problem to solve daily!

Best of luck!