Develop tertiary skills

Hi Folks,
Does anyone have any general ideas about simple things to develop logic, decomposition or problem solving that can be applied to computer programming OUTSIDE of a programming environment? This is the sort of thing you can work on to obliqley strengthen skills that apply to programming. Going to the pub to meet programming friends might be applicable here, but we will assume most can do that already :crazy_face:

I had thought sudoku might be good for logic, Any other thoughts for decomposition etc?

Honestly, I would just google things like “logic puzzles” with variations depending on how difficult you want them to be. Not every result will be great, but you should be able to find plenty. If you want, once you’ve solved it logically, you could then write a code solution.


You can do all the sudoku and brainteasers you want, but ultimately it’s all about practice. If you want to get good at solving problems, you gotta solve problems. Start by finding a problem that needs solving: maybe hit up your pub buddies on zoom or whatever you use.


Thanks Chuck, ill do some soft practice when im relaxing and not practicing… try to keep the brain sharp(er)