How to practicing brain logically thinking?

I’m new be to programming. Since the last year 2020, I just started to learn about web development. I took some online courses and start to learn HTML/CSS. Another thing is now I’m following an undergraduate programme in software engineering because I had chosen my path to be a software engineer. Soon after, I just start to learn JavaScript. Nowadays I focusing on the MERN stack field. When I’m doing some projects to improve my knowledge it’s not hard to understand the HTML/CSS part but the doing programming part from JavaScript it’s difficult to understand. I did various kind of small projects and build my own portfolio. I can understand what thing have to do when I coding but the problem is I can’t think about How to do. This situation is felt unhappy to me. I rethink my career path these days. But I love to programming. Any advice will be very helpful at this moment. although, I know this is a common problem every programmer facing.

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Most people experience this.

HTML and CSS are markup languages that deal with content and style of the web page.
JavaScript would be the programming language.
Programming requires a whole other way of thinking and problem solving.

In the beginning, you are still learning the basic tools so it is completely understandable to not always know how to build something.
With time and practice, the how part will become a little bit easier.

Learning to code is hard.
I started almost a year ago and there were a lot of ups and downs.
What you are experiencing is completely normal.

But I personally think it is too early to rethink a career path.
I would give it more time and practice and see how it goes.


Looks like you are way in front of me in the coding department, but ill share my experience on solving logical problems. Very often they involve making a real life problem into a math equation. So math principles and methods can help a great deal in solving problems. One practice i do when struggling with a logic, i write down/think how i would solve it outside the code syntax. For example for the sudoku solver project, i went on to solve a sudoku and thought how i can translate the methods i use irl, to logical functions in the code. And this can apply to any problem. Get a pen and paper and solve a real example the way you would normally do and then think of the logical steps your brain took to come up with progress. Sometimes it can be hard, as a single step can in fact be a combination of several logical operations. Another key factor is knowing the various methods a coding language offers. Like when you need to check if a word has all the letters from another word. Your brain would go thru the letters in one word and check if the other word has it, How this would translate withing the code. How to build the loops/iterations. Which advanced methods we have in our disposal like string.includes() etc. Knowing those and have utilized them in different situations can allow adding them to your arsenal for later use in whatever situation. If you havent completed the FCC curriculum i strongly advise you check various topics within it. It gives lot of example applications and opportunities to discover and use those methods.


Yes, excellent advice. I think the term for that is “pseudo code”. Can even write the logical steps out in plain English, or your native speaking language then think about how to tell the computer to do it.

Thanks, @jwilkins.oboe for commenting.

Thanks, @Sylvant your comment is useful. I consider your suggestions. I found this website when I’m searching for some posts related to this topic found this website Coding games I think It will be helpful for practice more code.

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