Developer tools JavaScript console

it says: “To begin with, make a local copy of our [oojs.html] file.”
when I copy it in VisualStudioCode and open it with live server it says: " This example requires you to enter commands in your browser’s JavaScript console "
then I open console on developer tools and paste same code to console but it seems not right thing to do?
can anyone help…

It’s telling you you’ll be entering commands in the console, not code. Copy the code in to a file, open the file in a browser. Enter commands in the console when it tells you to do that. Add code to the file when it tells you to do that.

could you please explain me step by step what is it asked from me…

You’ve done that. That’s fine. There’s a message in the console saying you’re going to be using it.

Neither that message nor the instructions tell you to do the following:

So instead, do what it says in the instructions instead. The instructions do not say to paste code into the console.

They do say “you should have your developer tools open and ready to type in some commands”. But nowhere on that screenshot does it say anything else about the developer tools beyond having them open while you work through the tutorial

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