Difference between create-react-native-app and react-native init app

I want to learn react native after I learnt react and I saw tutorials using react-native init app command.
Moreover, I read that there is also create-react-native-app which was released recently and people use it in order to build react native project.
What is the difference between the two and should I use the init or create-react-native for learning purposes?

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The init command for react-native installs all the necessary components it needs and starts up the environment to start developing in react-native. It’s required to start working in React Native, just like git init to initialize a git repo, or npm init to create a local package.

create-react-native-app is something else entirely, it’s based of the original create-react-app started by Dan Abramov (the creator of Redux). In short it’s an encapsulated and curated bundle of developer tools designed for bootstrapping projects and helping beginners learn the react-native without having to deal with all the tedious configuration usually associated with creating a React project (setting up Webpack/babel, configuring hot reloading, testing, linting, etc.).

The init command is vital to react-native, so get used to using it. If you are new to react-native I would highly suggest though you look into create-react-native-app, it’s an excellent steeping stone for learning the heart of react-native before having to deal with configuration. This comming from a guy who learned react-native the long way, I wish it would have existed when I was learning.

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Would you then say that using create-react-native-app is not suitable for production apps? Please also say why. Thanks