I learned React by making a Whatsapp Clone

I made a Whatsapp Ui clone completely in Javascript. This is was my first react-native project or infact A react project .

Any feedback or suggestions much appreciated.

Check out the code on github : https://github.com/himanshuchauhan/react-native-whatsapp-ui
Check out the demo on youtube : https://youtu.be/GO3dVEA8CZk

Looks excellent!
Iā€™m very interested in learning React Native. How steep was the learning curve? How experienced a developer where you before taking on this project?

I dont have much experience .I have been learning programming for a year now .
I have made some projects in vanilla js and jquery and 2 in polymerjs.
I started learning React 2 months back . Learning curve is not very steep but takes some time to sink in.
Concept of props and states is one the most important things to understand.
Once you understand the core concepts of react , transitioning to react native is not that difficult .
80% of react native is react only .
Some things that you will need to learn are development setup for ios and android which are a bit complicated than our good old web development where we only need code editor and browser.
and other than that you only need to understand platform specific components instead of html components.

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