I built my first web app in React: A quick TODO UI

Check it out here!

I have been learning vanilla JS for a while now, and after spending a few months focusing on ES6 using Kyle Simpson’s YDKJS book series and Wes Bos’s course ES6 for Everyone, I decided it was time to jump into React. This is my first complete application in React. It was just a simple UI for a todo list. I also added a meta section with the state of the application in order for you guys to see how the UI components respond to the change in state.

I also published the project quickly using surge.sh I have been looking around for a good way to host my projects that I have been working on, sort of like an online portfolio. I came across a Reddit comment mentioning surge and decided to give it a try. It’s a wicked awesome CLI tool to publish projects for free. I’ll be posting a quick blog post on the process tomorrow morning. If anyone’s interested, here’s my blog.

Hope you enjoy! :sunglasses:

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It’s fantastic, good job!

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Thank you @elisecode247