Voting app - feedback appreciated

Here is the app. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

This was built in React/Redux and has a express backend.
Here is the code if your interested.

Damn, that’s cool!! Just a little suggestion on the UX, I think it’s better if I can navigate back to main page after poll. But considering the main purpose of the app, I guess that’s not really important.

I’m working on this project too, but I feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first. Can you give me advice or how did you build the app from scratch? Thank you

Thanks for the feedback :grinning:

As far as starting the app I just looked at a lot of projects that other campers made for inspiration. Another thing I used is material-ui which is great if your using react.

Ah, I’ll try to take a look. I’m planning on using react too and now still learning redux tutorial. Can you elaborate on your work-flow? Like what component did you create first, and how long did it take to complete the project. (I’m asking too much now, but I’d really appreciate if you can help me on that!)

No I’m happy to help, so a couple things I did to get running quickly is I used this boilerplate it has pretty much everything you need. It has react/redux and react-router plus a simple express server.

It can be almost too much starting out though its has pretty complex build tools, and it was a bit overwhelming for me at first. I would recommend finding whatever boilerplate your like or making your own. Its gonna take a lot of configuring and tinkering at first ,but it’s gonna be worth it when your on ur next fullstack project ,and the next one. :slight_smile:

As far as the very first component I made I think it was the navbar. Then I moved onto the login, signup ,and the homepage components. From their I started the server code that went quite a few iterations ,and is still kind of a mess imo. After that I just built the last couple components I needed.

The majority of my time was in the login/signup system. Which took me a bit too long ,but at least I know what to do know in the future projects. Overall, it took me about a month to get the app where it is now.

Let me know if you need to know anything else, I’m happy to help.

Yeah, I was trying Yeoman when I realized that I know nothing about boilerplate, unit testing, redux, and even basic javascript principalities. After all it’s my first full scale deployment project (before, it was only codepen), and I even confused on how to set up the front-end. But you’re right, next project and the next after should become easier. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try to make a voting app as good as yours! Best of luck! ^^

@nrandecker , I just had a look at your package.json. Do you have by any chance a tutorial you could point me to about building the package.json file, especially the scripts part ? ATM, it’s Chinese to me. I’d like to understand what’s going on under the hood with the scripts, and how to write these scripts.