Just finished the fourth back end project. Please demo it and give me feedback!

This project took me quite some time for a couple reasons. The first reason is that I started my last semester of school, which happens to be student teaching, so I am teaching orchestra at a high school for 9-10 hours a day. After I get home I have found that I rarely have any motivation to work on programming, so my pace on the projects has slowed way down! The other thing that was hard for this project, is that I started out with a ton of features that I wanted to implement, because I wanted to coolest app ever! It was overwhelming though, and all the features made me confused and un-motivated.
For my next project, I am going to focus on implementing one thing at a time, and only implementing things that are absolutely necessary.

Give it a shot and let me know what you guys think. Any feedback is appreciated and I enjoy going back and modifying apps so they are more practical and useful in the real world.

Also, I have had a lot of times where I get discouraged about using Angular, because all the talk about how outdated it is and how I should be using React. I just keep telling myself that I will finish the Backend projects in Angular, and when I do the data visualization projects I will learn React, which is perfect because that is what they require.



The validation for the address fields is a little too restrictive. You assume US users, but many of us do not have Zip codes (or postal codes) that are purely numerical or live in one of the States. You could ban non-US users, of course, but you should tell us we’re banned :slight_smile:

I also noticed that clicking ‘overview’ doesn’t really do anything - what am I supposed to see for an overview?

I requested the Baby ($2, bargin!) and it I saw it show up in my dashboard when I looked for it, but maybe a confirmation right away once I click it would help improve the user experience - I did wonder if clicking it had done anything.

How do I get the sidebar for the dashboard on smaller screens? It just goes away as far as I can tell, and it appears to be the only way I can add items.

This is looking really slick!

Hey Jackson,

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to check out my app.
I went ahead and added success/error messages to make the user experience more pleasing.
I also fixed a bug that was driving me crazy, which is how after clicking any button the reload would not reflect the change (be it giving an item away, or requesting an item). I had a great idea of using a callback function which I should have been doing anyway but spaced it somehow, and now the page waits until the new refreshed array is sent back from the database before it refreshes.
I looked into changing the address to something more idea for international users, and came up with a lot of good information. At this moment I do not feel much like fixing it, because it will mean 20-30 minutes redoing the database model all the way to the api calls, which isn’t a long time I know, but I am ready to start the next project. I will probably come back and fix it in the future when I have more free time. I will most definitely address it in any projects I do from this point forward.

Thanks again!