Front End Projects Completed (almost)

So after many long hours I finally completed the front-end challenges! Here’s my progress so far: There’s still a few bugs I need to work on, and I also need to make the site and most projects more mobile friendly but for now I kind of just want to move on so I can learn React and Sass.

I plan on coming back to them to fix up stuff so any feedback would be great. I also need to go back and double check that I completed all of the user stories, so if you see anything I’m missing let me know :slight_smile:

I didn’t check for responsiveness, or even check any of the links. I just wanted to tell you that it looks amazing. Good work!

It’s probably for the best you didn’t check for responsiveness haha. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve just uploaded my attempt and found that I’ve screwed that responsiveness thing up royally. My codepen preview is unusable. Yay.

So you’re still rocking it here.

Yeah, I decided not to use Codepen and use Github instead. From what I’ve heard, employers really like to look at Github accounts. It takes a little time to learn but in my opinion it’s worth it.

Yeah I’m going to be shifting over right away. I’ve been using Git for a bit in my other language projects, and although it’s really easy to fork a codepen project, there’s no way to merge it, so you have to go around deleting similarly named projects like some kind of heathen.

Also, I’ve got to get used to putting the whole shebang into a page, and using an IDE to code with decent folding and code completion really helps to organize the project. What I found with this codepen project is that now that I realize I have a problem in the code, it’s going to take forever to re-organize - where if I was using brackets, I’d be ready to start fixing immediately.

Looks good, but might be worth mentioning that ‘Simon says’ and ‘Simon’ are unrelated games, and also that you spelled ‘calculator’ wrong.

The spacing in your header looks somewhat odd to me on Chrome on Mac, like the words are too high, and I would add some kind of space to the very bottom of the page, even if its just empty. It seems like your projects hug the bottom right now.

Dig the colors. Your tribute page is especially nice.

Looks great. Really like how you added all of the projects from the course into one website.

Hi-- I really loved the look of these. I didn’t look through everything, but in general it seemed like there was a bit more life to the design in most of these.

Downsides: I played through the tic-tac-toe a bit and it seems like you didn’t code in win/lose conditions properly. I couldn’t duplicate this, but on one occasion I had “won” and then the computer played an O over my X and made me lose. On another occasion it had seemed like a tie, but it reported that I had won. Also, in the simon game, you might need to add in some delay or something where user input is disabled after a mistake is made. I somehow made it so that there were a few seconds where it was playing through two iterations of the pattern at once, slightly offset, which sounded neat, but was probably not intended…Anyway, those are minor things, and even after I bugged the simon game it still worked and I was able to continue with the game. Keep up the great work.


I really like the colors and the style of your portfolio page. Also interesting to read about moving projects fro codepen to github in this thread.

What I do miss from your page is a footer with contact information. Right now the last three projects just hang there over a void so to speak.Where does the page really end?

I see that you github handle and e-mail is in the jumbotron. That works fine, but I did miss it at first glance since I was expecting the contact information in a footer. That is of course an expectation you can decide to not meet, but in that case I think the contact information could perhaps be more prominent and added to the navbar to guide our eye.

All looks really good.
As to the tic tac toe bug someone else mentioned, it seems to happen anytime I did the following:
Choose X
Place first in the middle
Place second in top right
Place the third in bottom left (should be win)
Computers next move puts an O in the top right, replacing X and declaring that I lost

Thanks! I plan on fixing the tic tac toe game and this will save me an extra step :slight_smile: