Feedback on all of the Front End Projects

I just completed the last of my front end development projects and I would like some feedback.

Here is the link to the personal portfolio page, from there you should be able to reach the other pages:

Thank you very much!

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@Mhl7 good work!

i have some issues to share with you:

1 - when i resize your screen using the chrome dev tools, the content appears out of flow, due its not responsive. If you are using bootstrap framework, read the docs about the responsive grid. its amazing what you can do.

2 - after scroll down the layout, a huge empty white space is on screen, between the headers. why not take off this space and compact the content?

3 - the buttons are beatiful, i am serious about that. but, they are loosing the space due layout isnt responsive.

all suggestions is only a advice. primarly, its amazing your job!
stay on road.

Thank you for your feedback! I tried to patch some of the stuff that you addressed. Something is fine (the button are now responsive, for instance), something else is still in progress.

Nice page, I like its unique style!

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the navigation menu has a serif font in the “About this page” section (where it turns green)
looks a bit out of place in my opinion.

But I really like your page :slight_smile: good job