Finished learning Angular and the MEAN stack

Here are the tutorial projects I created. Hopefully, I can apply this to my first Node.js app and share it with you guys soon!

Thanks for checking them out!

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Great job! :smile:

Trust me that I know how difficult learning Angular can be! (well it was for me) :sweat_smile:

I hope that, in the future, you can create even more amazing projects.

If you don’t mind, can you check out my Angular Project?
It is a Tic-Tac-Toe game and I would love to see what a fellow Angular developer has to say about my code and app! :smile:

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Hey thanks! I appreciate it! And yea, I know. Lol. The different ways to implement forms and such just adds to my confusion too. Haha. It really helps to take things one at a time. :blush:

And wow. Cool project! I liked the design you chose and the animations are a nice touch! By any chance, do you follow fireship? He was one reason I learned Angular instead of React.

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Yes, I indeed do!

I also hope to learn MEAN Stack. What resources did you use to learn Node.js, MongoDB, and Express?

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That’s great to hear. :smile: Here are the Udemy courses I took. You should take Jonas’ Javascript and Node.js courses! They were really the most helpful towards my growth as a dev. And if you don’t get it the first time, I recommend taking another course to cement it! I found I learn the most after I’ve seen it done by two different people. Wish you the best!

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