Almost thought I'd never solve it... Are there angular mentors or a responsive Angular community out there?

Hi there! I’m burnt out of my barista job and want to get out. I’m building my very own first MEAN stack app to add to my portfolio. Here’s a preview of how the it works on YouTube. I was wondering if anybody could be sort of a quick tip guide (I won’t be that annoying I promise) or refer me to one.

I just wished there was someone I could message real quick about small issues that I have that I think would be easy to solve by an experienced programmer but someone new like me could easily complicate. For example… I spent a whole day today doing an http get request to the restful api that I built because I don’t completely know how Typescript operates. I over-complicated it way more than I should’ve. It was an error that I could’ve solved from the start by typing something as { data: any } but redid the code instead and got further away from the solution.

I definitely had a serious imposter syndrome moment - yet I knew that my issue had to be something trivial since I was so certain I had the concept down. If any kind soul could lend a couple of minutes or so of their day once in a while, I’d be indebted to you! Thanks for your time!

You can discuss coding that isn’t part of the FCC curriculum here and you’ll have the benefit of all of the folks and mentors that frequent this forum.

For for the title I’d say there are a few Angular devs on the FCC forums, I personally use angular’s gitter channel to see whats going on, and help out here and there. Its great for open ended questions, but like most help channels asking bare bone basics usually ends up with people pointing to the docs. (which should be read and gone through if your serious about learning Angular)

However it sounds like your just starting out and diving straight into Angular, which might not the best idea.

Angular is know for being a very “feature rich” framework. Even seasoned devs find Angular’s api to be expansive, or just plain bloated.

To use Angular effectively you should have experience, with the following:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • TypeScript

You also should have some familiarity with the following:

  • Reactive Programming/rxjs
  • Dependency Injection

If your lacking in any of the first three you will have a tough time using Angular, as it relies on all of them. The other 2 are used heavily in Angular, but are less likely to run across it without some previous experience building large apps. All of this on top of being any good at web dev in general, like understanding the tech stack, browser compatibility, all the tooling, etc etc.

If your struggling with TypeScript I recommend building some nodejs projects/scripts using TS to get more familiar, and read the docs. If your struggling with the actual coding aspect of stuff, read more about JavaScript, as TS is the same in that regard. Being able to understand the difference gets you much closer to most problems, as JS problems are just TS. Just as a check, if you aren’t sure about the differences between the two languages I’d stop and really back up and learn JavaScript.

Angular is not easy to learn, honestly is probably the hardest to use modern web framework out there simply due to all of the bells and whistles you need to know to operate effectively. There is nothing wrong with trying to learn Angular from the start, just understand there is tons of underlying knowledge that needs to be learned before making the full use of the framework.

Jumping into the deep end with Angular is great for exposure, but not great for depth expertise which is what employers usually look for when it comes to job ready candidates. Its one thing to build something with Angular, its another to be able to build anything with Angular and be confident in ones ability to fix anything wrong.

Learning web development is hard but I believe anyone can do it with time, grit and an internet connection. I don’t want to scare you, I just want to make sure you have everything in perspective. You can’t learn X Y and Z if you have no idea you don’t know X Y and Z. I just want to make sure your getting your footing with the core fundamentals before diving into more advance topics, like Angular.

Good luck :smile:

PS. In your example video I quickly saw pub templates, except your talking about an Angular app. Which seems… odd. Angular usually runs in its own page, but it wasn’t clear after skimming the video how they are linked. Not sure if its just me jumping the gun, or if your actually using pug with Angular, which usually isn’t neccessary.

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In terms of references, the official Angular documentation is pretty decent. I’ve also gone back and referenced their Tour of Heroes tutorial a few times. The Angular Gitter room is pretty active and responsive, as is the angular subreddit. We do have a few Angular developers here on the forum. It may take longer to get an answer to an Angular question than a JavaScript question, because there just aren’t as many of us who can help and it tends to be more involved.

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Hey thanks so much for the lengthy reply! I follow fireship and Design Course on YouTube and felt inclined to learn Angular. I knew beforehand it would be more difficult and was willing to accept it since I know I’d have to learn these concepts anyway through React combined with other libraries. And to be honest my learning style is more on taking on the broader picture first then getting into the nitty gritty details. I think I have a good handle on Javascript and I acknowledge that I should probably watch more videos and read docs on TypeScript and RXJS.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check out gitter. As with all things I know I should just be patient and not rush the process. Though everytime I have to work customer service as an introvert I’m reminded of how much I want to get out of it asap. Lol.

As for the app… It’s before I learned angular. I just wanted to see how it would look with all the backend in tact. Sort of like a draft. ^^ I’m really excited to finish building it. I hope to show it to you guys soon!

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Hehe, true. I should be more active here. :sweat_smile:

Yes, the angular docs are really well written. I will check out gitter and just subbed to that reddit. Thanks a bunch!

Id say I’m more of a “functionality” guy myself aswell, in that I’d rather have it work, regardless of how it looks.

If you wanted to get more feedback on your project, and its open sourced, you could also ask for reviews/input/feedback for your project by providing the github repo link. Great experience when it comes to learn open source too, without any real risk since your in charge of your own codebase haha.

You mention learning React, if your planning on learning it after Angular I’d just want to mention they are somewhat of competitors, in the sense learning 1 isn’t a requirement for the other. Very few people use both, or know both to any large degree. Angular is more encompassing when it comes to building web applications, where-as React focuses mostly on the UI aspect of it.

Good luck :smile:

I’d say I’m open to learning React if my job requires it but I do hope I get a job on Angular instead since it’s what I started with. And yup, I have a Github and plan to share most if not all of my work there. Exciting stuff. :grinning: Do you have a job that uses angular, by chance?

Yes, I use Angular at work all the time. I’ve been moving to more of a full stack role recently, so I also work on nodejs on the backend. Our team is pretty small, so everyone wears a lot of hats. Luckily our stack is more or less unified TS, which makes it very easy to jump around. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like fun. Haha. I’d be lucky to get a good job with the stack I’m learning now. That’d be the dream. ^^ Looks like I’ll definitely dive deeper into TS next though, if I’m getting what you’re saying. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thanks again for sharing your wisdom. You’ve been a ton of help. :+1: Is it okay if I message you once I finish my first app? A brief glance would be appreciated. :blush:

Sure, I’d be happy to review it, I recommend sending me a PM, with the github link, or if you feel more open to more people looking at it, I’d post the project up in the project-feedback part of the forum :smile:.

I am pretty detail oriented so you could say “i get nitpicky”, but I do so because if you didn’t see or know about a code or issue, and I don’t say anything odds are no one will say anything and its “accepted as the norm”. Just wanted to warn ya haha.

Good luck with the rest of the project!

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Nice! It’ll definitely be shared here. I shared most of my stuff already, in fact.

And sure. Lol. No problem. I prefer that so that I can learn more tips and tricks… Hopefully. Hahaha.

Thank you! :smiley:

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