Angular JS tutorials

Can someone suggest any angular tutorials similar to FCC, project based so that I’d learn language as well as be able to implement it in a project? I’ve gone through w3schools so I do have a basic knowledge on what its and why its used. I would be really happy to know if FCC is working on this :disappointed_relieved:

I’d love to know about this too.

fCC actually used to focus on Agular, but that was ditched in favor of React. You could do any of the front-end or back end projects using Angular, and feel free to recreate the data-viz projects in Angular as well. If you need more direction, CodeSchool and have some of the best Angular courses I’ve seen.

well, that is the part that confuses me.
I am still not sure whether I should learn angular 1 or angular 2 or react.

I’m still not sure! Most companies are still using angular 1 right? but may be they would migrate soon. It’s kinda confusing. Some insight on whats better to learn will help me.

codeacademy has a pretty good intro course on Angular. Teaches by having you build a book site project

I will check it out!

No, I am actually more concerned about which one should I learn to get a job. Dont want to learn angular or react and later find out, that I should have learnt something different.
That’s why

hmm. that makes sense


The link to Microsoft: DEV216x Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using Angular 2 goes to a 404 page.

Here’s a better link:


I’ve worked through the official Angular2 tutorial, Tour of heroes. It’s ok to jump right in as long as you’re willing to intuit what’s going on with the Typescript.

This page has a thorough ‘Learning Path’ to suggeste how to use their docs and tutorial:

I’ll just toss out my opinions to OP.

I think at this point, Angular2 is the right choice between A1 and A2. By the time you’re up to snuff, Angular1 will be old hat. I feel like this is an extremely opportune time to jump into the Angular world. You aren’t playing catch up with people who have been doing A1 for 5 years. Everyone is at square one with Angular 2, so it’s a great time. As far as getting a job, again, by the time you’re up to snuff, enough companies will have made the leap to Angular2 that there will be a market for A2 devs.

As far as A2 vs React goes, I found React to be a bit too loosey goosey to make much sense in my head. YMMV, but React made very little sense to me. I’ve made the choice that I’m willing to bypass claiming the Data Viz Certification because I feel so strongly that Angular 2 is the right choice for me. I would not claim that this means it’s the right choice for you or anyone else, but I feel it is for me. You’ll have to try both and see what you think.

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I have not gone through it, but there is a free project based Angular2 tutorial from AngularClasses:
Angular 2 Fundamentals

The curriculum looks to cover a lot of topics, including testing, and they say that they will update the course with new release versions.

Thank you everyone! I chose to go with angular, react didn’t seem that simple. I have been able to start with angular 1 on code academy (since they teach step by step using existing applications so thought I can start off there) Now I’m starting on Angular 2 (still need to figure out a good tutorial to learn )

Here’s my route on Angular 2 resources.

  1. Watch the portion of this video that describes how to use the Angular CLI (From 6:00 - 11:05 and 45:20 - 47:00 )

  2. I used this course to learn the basics of A2.
    ** Be aware that this course was created way back in Beta 7, so there are some outdated concepts here, but it worked for me. Once you get to routing, this course will be really difficult to wrap your head around because a new Router has been released since this course was last updated, so…

  3. Go do the Tour of Heroes tutorial on to hose out the new Router.

  4. Start building the Data Viz Projects on FCC with Angular2.

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I realized that. I’ll pass on data viz for now.

Hey, I haven’t gone through node js yet so I’m kinda stuck in the setup stage itself! would you mind helping through it ? I’ve installed nodes pkg, then installed npm and then npm3 and i tried npm start like he said and it showed some error. Also do you know what editor he’s using? I’m also pretty new to git…

Hi @vanian,

I don’t want to dissuade you unnecessarily, but you may want to do a little more ground work before jumping into Angular 2.

Angular 2 depends on lots of other technologies beside introducing it’s own new concepts. At a minimum I would suggest you use Node and NPM to get a simple backend app up and running - the first FCC backend project is probably sufficient. This will teach you about installing third party modules and importing them into your javascript files. You need to understand what the package.json file represents and the role it has in organising your external modules and npm scripts. It would also be useful to use something like ExpressJS to handle some simple routing. You won’t use this in Angular projects right away, most likely, but it will introduce you to the key ideas behind routing while Angular let the dust settle on their router.

You would also benefit from getting a broad overview of ES6 and the new Class patterns it introduces. If you can understand that in theory, then jumping into Typescript won’t be as daunting, but you’ll still need to understand Typescript a little before jumping in, too.

One thing you’ll pick up learning Angular 2 is the use of SystemJS - but that is a tool being used for beta 10. Beta 11 is moving all that over to Webpack! So you’ll have a new thing to worry about then :slight_smile:

Angular 2 is usable, and I am finding it quite fun to work in (even as someone who is still an amateur), but it is not without its pain points for newbies and seasoned devs alike!

I have written about some of my experiences using Angular2 to build the Markdown Previewer project, and there were many stumbling blocks along the way:

Blog post

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Hey Jackson, I tried the tutorial and love the way he’s explaining. But I’m still stuck in the initial stages. I cant get to display the container content. Instead my browser displays static text “before angular loads” that we have in index.html. I was wondering if you could help me with this. The browser’s errors are ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: webpackJsonp in main.bundle.ts and vendor.bundle.ts. I’m running npm 3 and node 6+.

I’ve stopped using it for the moment until it’s officially released. There’s still too many differences between the current build (especially Angular Cli) and the tutorial.

When the dust has settled, Angular2 looks like it’s gonna be great, but there’s just too many glitches in it to be productive and I have too little time to commit to all the troubleshooting it needs :slight_smile: