Should I learn Angularjs to complete backend cerificate's dynamic web application?

Although this section is about backend, but I was thinking of how I can change only certain part of a single page. Angularjs popped out as one ideal framework for single-page application (SPA).

I didn’t see that freecodecamp has included angularjs as part of the front end curriculum, so I assume I don’t necessarily have to learn angularjs to do these project.

Any advice?

Well, for some reason, FCC loves React, although you can use Angular, Vue or whatever you like. My choice was to just do it with template languages, to be precise, EJS was my choice, plus Pug for one project, but I hate it.


Because it’s the new standard and Angular is losing popularity.

Learn what you think you need - you will be learning new frameworks/technologies for the rest of your life as a developer - so get used that that - you might learn Angular then React then some new framework the year after that - basically you’ll keep learning new things.

It’s not the new standard and Angular is the more popular technology. But whatever makes you happy. Also, I don’t like Angular, but there are much more jobs available for Angular than for React developers in the world.

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The state of JS survey says otherwise:

TL;DR React is statically proven by a survey to be more popular - please do some research.

Freecodecamp focuses only on react. If you haven’t worked with angular before then there are no reasons to choose it over react.

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You are free to choose whichever library you want, but it isn’t as easy to get help with Angular around here as most people opt to learn React. Either choice is great, though I find Angular is more difficult to get started with. Is there a reason you’re not considering React?


Hi… can anyone give me some advice on how to start coding? i have no idea where to begin or what even text edit to use.

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Please create your own thread - your post is off-topic.

Nope. The author is a React developer and he can’t be trusted.
I could make a survey that would prove that Vue.js is the leader. :slight_smile: It’s so easy to manipulate with people’s minds - Gebels and CNN are the evidence, just to name a few.
Year ago I witnessed a survey organized by a React developer where he asked other devs (90% of them were React devs) whether they like more React or Angular. It was hilarious.
As far as the job market is considered, I don’t need a survey - I just visited my local IT jobs site and there are currently 1500 Angular jobs and 800 React jobs.
P.S. I don’t like Angular, I’m not a fan of any particular front end framework.

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Except you can take the 2017 survey right now - and they provide you with exact numbers. You can read about the new survey and participate at

The have no reason to manipulate results - they gain nothing.

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I sometimes work on upwork and according to their job feed angular and react are equally popular. I would say react is even slightly more popular.

Can you link those statistics.

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No. You can go to the site and make a job search


If you are going to claim statistics please provide a link that shows the statistics results.

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What statistics? These are my observations. If you need exact numbers you can obtain them yourself


By the way are these jobs for angular 1, angular 2 or both? Cause 1 and 2 versions are basically different frameworks so it would be incorrect to ship them together.

You claimed according to their job feed - link to such.

If you claim statistics - it’s your job to prove it - not the other way around.

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All Angular jobs.

P.S. I won’t be replying in this thread anymore - there are fanboys here, and I hate fanboyism.


Lol I’ve actually used angular for the last 3 years and still prefer it over react but ok