Diving in MEan Stack

So hello friendly peoples, can you guide me through mean stack because i was thinking last night that my capstone project proposal is fast approaching and i have 1 idea(project ) about my capstone proposal i dunno if this project will gonna accept or not. if this proposal is accepted, im thinking that i would develop it in as cross platform im thinking im gonna develop as a mobile app, and is it need to learn first the JavaScript first before i dive in to mean stack? and guide me also to mean stack… Thank guys much appreciated your feedback.

If you go through the map, you’ll get a tour through front- and back-end JavaScript (including Express), React and MongoDB. If you want to learn Angular instead of React, there are plenty of resources. I don’t know what the scope of your proposal is or how long you’ll have to finish it, but if you’re asking whether or not you need to learn JavaScript before proceeding with an entire JavaScript based stack, I suggest you not worry about creating a mobile app.