Entering a bootcamp -- portfolio-wise, should I learn their stack, or learn another stack?

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but:

I’ve been self taught, primarily through FCC. I passed a particular bootcamp’s Front-end test, and will be starting their Back-end/Application Developer cohort in the Fall.

The topic includes: React, React Native, Meteor, Mongo, Express, Node (and others like DevOps).
As you can see, all of these, besides React Native and Meteor are covered in FCC, and I’ve already been learning even before I got in the bootcamp. (I’m having second thoughts about attending, but that’s another topic).

With that said, to increase my marketability for my first developer job, would it be a better scenario to double down on my React, and the stack they have, or learn other tech like Angular/Typescript (which I’ve learned the basics long ago)/GraphQL, and maybe even PHP and Vue— and have some apps on my portfolio built in those.

Overall, my aim to just do something from now until the start/end of the bootcamp that will maximize my chances of actually landing a job…

Get good at the one you’re paying to get good at. Job-wise it’s better to be able to show that you can do something very well than a few things at an introductory level.

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Ariel is giving some good advice here.

It probably makes more sense to double down on React than to learn Angular, assuming there are plenty of React jobs in your area. Adding something like Typescript or GraphQL is doable though, and would fit right in with a React/Node stack, so that isn’t a bad idea IMO.

All great advice. Thanks, I do agree that it does make better sense to double down on React, and their stack – and that’s probably what I’ll do.

I’m interested in GraphQL, and have seen a few job postings in my area so I’ll probably take up that too (while putting more time in MongoDB/Postgresql)