Got a job offer for Angular developer after learning React with FCC. Should I take it?


So basically after learning completing 4 front-end certificates with freeCodeCamp I started applying for jobs in my home country (Russia). I only had one technical interview and completed a task for one company so far and they made me a job offer.

However, their tech stack is mostly focused on Angular 2 and .NET, meanwhile my plan was to focus on getting a front-end job as React/Redux developer and at the same time finishing FCC courses on back-end with NodeJS over the summer.

Eventually, I’m not planning to stay at that job long-term since I’m moving to Canada in fall and was planning just to get initial experience and have a programming job on my resume. So I’m in doubt whether I should proceed with that offer since I’m not sure how much doing Angular job would move me closer to becoming a full stack developer with MERN stack. What do you guys think?

Should I take this offer or continue looking furthermore?

There’s in overall very high demand for programmers here (in particular I have an interview for React developer position later this week), so I think would not be a big issue getting another offer.

  • I strongly urge developers (and aspiring developers) not to get fixated on a particular framework. While there are differences between them, those largely come down to preference and the best fit for a particular project. You’ll see plenty of these come and go in your time as a developer.
  • If you have a strong JavaScript background, a new framework isn’t that hard to pick up. If you’ve worked in one, you’ll learn another even more quickly. I barely look at what framework is being used when I consider jobs. It’s far from the most important consideration for me.
  • In your case, it sounds like it would be good to try to get some time before you have to make a decision on this job. That way you can see how your other interview goes.

Did you take it? I think you should.

I actually did, but then they retracted their offer because my degree was not in CS and it was in English (I studied business in Canada) and this job was for government company in Russia.