What are the best resources to learn the MEAN stack?

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As far as I know, knowing these technologies can be really helpful in order to land a job since they are highly demanded by employers. I would like to learn more about this so what in your opinion are the best courses/resources out there that gather this up?

I can’t tell you about the full stack, but what I did was the course about Angular from Anthony Alicea and I’m about the middle of the mongo 101 course form MongoDB University which I’m founding very comprehensive and complete.

For Express and Node I just did the workshops that appears on FCC curriculum

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I don’t exactly remember the url but there is one course in edx.org about mongo and the mean stack.

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I’ve learned through youtube and some tutorials in web dev blogs out there.
Practising, doing, reading the documentation, failing, watching workshops on some course sites such as Tuts+ or PluralSight (they offer 6 months for free if you’re a student I think).

As for books, I’m sure there are some… especially those under the O’Rilley company.

Hello, I had taken training on MEAN stack at Mindmajix where they had covered MongoDB, Node.js, AngularJS, Collaboration between Express and Node.js, Understanding MongoDB and NoSQL,etc which are the best resources to learn MEAN stack.

@jessica210 what is cost of that course?

I’ve almost completed Full Stack Web Development specialisation on coursera. This course gives me understanding of development process and about different development tools and it showed me how it is insufficient to know html, css for modern web development. Though it gives AngularJS, not Angular 2. Also courses in MongoUniversity are very helpful.

The cost of the course is 18000 and the duration is 25 days.

18000 of what currency?

18000 in Indian Currency

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