Learning React - Side Project

Hey guys, new to the forum and the fcc community! My JavaScript skills aren’t too strong I’d say, but I was really interested in learning react.js, so I created this movie watchlist app. I used React and bootstrap for the front-end and firebase for user-auth and database. I’d love to get some feedback on it!

(you can use a dummy email, like myname@email.com to sign in)



I am kinda jealous! I just started learning web development 2.5 months ago and I know I’m not ready for React but I want to learn it so bad!

Nice app for sure. Maybe a personal thing but I’m not totally jiving with the color scheme. Too dark. I’d prefer more of a lighter primary color like #fffff4 and a secondary color like a light red instead of the death royal purple.

Also, when I visit the My Watchlist page it’s completely blank since I haven’t actually added anything. Maybe have it say “Looks like your watchlist is empty! (Button) Add Movies (button) or something to that effect. I’d imagine this would be a simple if/else function but I don’t know how react works.

Love the simplicity of it. Maybe to go one step further, add an ability to share your wish list with friends?

Awesome app though. I’ll be there one day. Cheers


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thanks for the feedback! def some good suggestions you got there, gonna try to implement them :slight_smile:

Also, on the main page which lists all the movies, it would be nice if any movie currently on My Watchlist indicated that, instead of showing the Add to Watchlist button. It should be like the My Watchlist page and show a Remove button instead.

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Thanks for the feedback Randell, i’ll keep that in mind!

Hello! I’m just learning react myself so I don’t have technical feedback but a UX thing I noticed while playing with your app.

When you click add to watch-list, the date comes up and its formatted Year-Month-Day. I’m not sure were your located, but in the US this is slightly weird.

I also was looking for some sort of search bar.

Other than that, Very Cool! I’m inspired to continue learning myself now!

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Hey Taylor, thanks for the feedback! I’ll def take a look into formatting the date a bit more proper. Also in terms of the search bar, thats definitely a feature i plan on implementing to have users search for any move. As of right now im only using the API to display new and upcoming movies