Finished the markdown previewer react project

hello there everybody,
i finally finished my first react.js project , i can’t belive that a simple idea took me so much time to get done , but i guess it’s due to me learning the framework while building .

it’s not responsive yet so please run it on a maximized browser window .

well , here’s the direct link, make sure to play with those buttons , they are 70% of the project’s work .
thank you for taking time and reviewing the project .

the github repo in case :v

You should deploy your app live. You can easily do so using a free service called

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you can deploy react apps on github also

git hub pages right ? , i tried it in the previous project , but an imported font didn’t work in this type of deployment . i couldn’t find the source of the problem .

besides , the netlify whole deployment stuff feels like it’s a real world process , with its coplixity that keeps me engaged in that terminal all the time LOL

thanks for the response though .

Hey, this app looks pretty impressive!

The only thing I would change is making your rendered markdown centered in the middle. But don’t make it text-align: center leave as it is.

i did not center it , but i gave it a little bit of padding to separate it from the previewer borders .
can you show me an image of how it looks from you end please ?

i edited the project , check it out and tell me , is that what you told me to do ? if not , then please explain i didn’t understand .

yeah looks good. Good job!

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