Markdown Previewer - Feedback Appreciated

Hi All,

I just finished my Markdown Previewer. I was a little uncertain how best to break out the React components and whether to put them each in their own files. In the end, I decided to break the app down into Header, EditorPane, and PreviewPane components, and leave them all in the App.js and App.css files. Appreciate any suggestions on how I can make it better.

GitHub repository -
Live app on GitHub Pages -


Hi @monksy, nice job! I’m not there yet but I do have bunch of repo’s on GitHub and hence a bunch of files. I copied&pasted mine into your previewer and like what I was seeing. About the only thing I don’t have in all my readme’s is an image.
Hope mine comes out as good as yours when the time comes.

Awesome, thanks so much @Roma. I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out and provide feedback. It was a fun project, and actually turned out to be easier than I thought. The marked.js library does all the hard work :smiley:

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