Markdown previewer via react

Super simple and straight forward. I kinda suck at styling but whatevs XD
Any advice welcome! Also, is there I good place/better doc on marked.js cause the one that is on the website kinda sucks to me at least. Like # standing for h1 and ## standing for h2. Those things kinda tripped me up till I looked at the example page.

Is a site a refer to frequently for markdown related stuff. marked.js is mainly just responsable for convering the markdown text to html.

Also kudo’s for using more then one component for this project. So many people I’ve seen just stick everything into one component which sorta defeats the purpose of React imo.

Also on larger screens I think you could make it so the editor and the preview are side by side.

Thanks for the feedback! Also thanks for the link.

Nice job on the project. Style is simple but very easy on the eyes.

I always google ‘markdown cheatsheet’ and go to this page when I need a refresher on markdown.

thanks for the feed back! ya not much of a style guy so try to go easy on the eyes.